Incoming quality control(IQC)


1.Glass test:
Glass is regarded a most important part of shower enclosure, inspection branch will undertake strict examination to glass, Check whether the surface is smooth, whether  there is  impurity in the glass.Guarantee the grade and quality of  the shower enclosure.
On the choice of glass of shower enclosure, In order to improve the safety of product use,National standards require the use of toughened glass.Therefore, the choice of good glass factory and good  tempered processing plantis the fundamental to ensure the quality of the shower enclosure  glass . 

Zoomerry strictly adopts automotive grade tempered glass certified by national 3C, which has high purity, uniform tempering and high safety factor.In the process of acceptance, we also use  the advanced strong light detection table to detect one by one, effectively control the quality of each piece of glass, each step to achieve fine, standard.


2.Aluminum test:
Zoomerry adopts high-quality alloy aluminum, which is moderate in hardness and toughness but not brittle. The thickness of aluminum is 1.2-3.00mm, and even some products are as thick as 4-5mm, which is not easy to be deformed.All aluminum products refer to the national standard to carry out the acetic acid corrosion resistance test, alkali drop test, wear resistance test and aging resistance test on its oxide film.

3. Roller life test:
Zoomerry  shower room roller adopts imported 304 stainless steel material closed bearing, containing 12 stainless steel beads, to ensure the smooth push and pull of the roller  bass and bearing capacity.The roller is durable and can be still normally used after more than 100,000 continuous and destructive hot push-pull tests.

Quality Control

Production control


1. Glass:
(1)Check the original glass specifications and BOM requirements, cut the glass according to the design and processing requirements, and ensure no edge breakage, Angle breakage and crack.
(2)Drill holes according to the design and processing requirements to ensure smooth and smooth glass edges without angle collapse , edge collapse and fine cracks. During glass cleaning, the cleanliness and temperature of water should be strictly controlled.
(3)Stamp the 3C certification mark and toughened glass mark on the glass.
(4)After the preliminary preparation, the glass is processed into tempered glass by quenching or air-cooling quenching under specific technological conditions.
The impact strength of tempered glass is much higher than that of ordinary plate glass. When tempered glass of 50*50mm is broken by impact, the fragments are dispersed into small particles, up to 40-60 pieces, without sharp edges and corners, and the safety coefficient is relatively high.
(5)Zoomerry’s nanometer easy- clean glass,easy washing can achieve a clear and bright and clean function relatively lasting effect.
(6)Zoomerry can create the patterns on the glass according to the customers' requirements to meet the customers' personalized customization.


2. Aluminum:
(1)Zoomerry cut and processed the aluminum according to the requirements of the order to make it fit the size and shape of the order, and then oxidized and colored.After the oxidation processing is completed, the inspection shall be carried out. Only after the inspection is qualified, the finished product can be packaged.
(2)The aluminum in our stock is of primary color. According to the needs of customers, the aluminum will be oxidized and colored after cutting, milling, punching, drilling and other  processes. Finally, it will be cleaned and inspected before leaving the factory.Its tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness and other important indicators are in line with national standards and European standards, both non-standard large size customization is not easy to deformation, effectively ensure the use of the product performance and service life.
(3)Zoomerry aluminum thickness up to 1.2-3.0mm, or even up to 4-5mm, good elasticity, plastic deformation is not easy to appear, smooth surface, no mottled pores, not easy to leave fingerprints, easy to clean.


3. Packaging:
The main part of the shower room has been completed, and a customized shower enclosure can be completed.The assembly workshop will pack the materials related to the products and send them to the materials department for delivery.
Consumers only need to wait for the arrival of goods, the installer will come to install it.And to assure product quality, to individual structure or the shower enclosure with complex shape, it will be shipped after trial assembly.