Zoomerry shower enclosure is made of tempered glass ,it has passed the national 3C certification, SGCC quality and other safety certifications,which has reached the European BS6206 standard for fully tempered glass for automobile.(crushing degree: 50*50mm area >/=40 grains, generally around 60-80 grains).The thickness is between 6-8mm, chamfering at the glass cut,reduce the hidden danger that shower enclosure glass oneself breaks suddenly.

Its quality with a high purity glass, high toughening coefficient, the total broken to reach more than 60-80 pieces, is considered to be the industry's senior safety level IC.




The aluminum alloy is of high quality, with moderate hardness and toughness without being brittle. Its aluminum thickness is 1.2-3.00mm, and even some products 4-5mm are not easy to be deformed. All aluminum products are in accordance with the national standards for its oxide film of acetic acid corrosion resistance test and drop alkali test, wear resistance test, aging resistance test.

Its tensile strength, yield strength, hardness and other important indicators in line with the national and European standards, non-standard large size custom is not easy to deformation, effectively ensure the safety of use.



With copper and stainless steel products,copper is treated with H59 copper which is advanced in the sanitary ware industry by electroplating process.Stainless steel is made of 304 stainless steel.

Compared with copper, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy accessories, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high hardness, non-deformation and long service life,the high-quality 304 stainless steel used in the bathroom has strong corrosion resistance.



The quality of the rubber depends on the quality of raw materials and processing technology control.

Zoomerry  shower enclosure rubber adopts imported PVC resin powder and magnetic powder soft and hard co-extrusion, forming in one.



Roller is the core component in push-pull shower room, it is the important fittings that assures shower enclosure to be used normally and of consumer use safety. 

Zoomerry shower enclosure from beginning to end all pay attention to the perfect matching of roller and track,the rotating part is composed of 13 stainless steel beads. The swinging part adopts stainless steel shaft core to ensure the bearing capacity of the roller .

Shower tray:


Acrylic is a better new material.The surface is refined after secondary polishing to ensure that the bottom basin is as bright as a mirror, comfortable to the touch and easy to clean.And 304 stainless steel support and adjusting the level of the ground device, equipped with anti-blocking deodorant function of the water, so that the whole bottom basin to keep dry, clean,It also has the characteristics of anti-thermal shock, anti-aging, anti-cracking deformation, anti-corrosion and good self-cleaning function.



The base is formed by high performance resin and natural mineral powder and then natural pigment through vacuum, high pressure and high temperature extrusion.This kind of  base will be more toughness,  environmental protection.