Nano intelligent technique

Nano intelligent cleaning  is a unique nano bionic technology,and  the nanotechnology from Germany.The affinity between water and nano titanium dioxide film is strong.So it's very uniform,The uniform water film floats the dust and dirt on the glass surface. 
Under the action of gravity, water slides off the glass quickly, making the glass surface water-repellent and dustproof like lotus leaves, taking away the dust and most dirt on the glass surface.The glass surface is as clean as new, self-cleaning ability is strong, easy to maintain, effectively improve the service life of the product.

Special Technique


Experts say: "No matter how good the shower enclosure is, it will have a self-implosion rate of 3/1000."Therefore, it is better to stick a layer of explosion-proof film on the glass under certain conditions. Even if there is a real problem, the glass fragments will only stick to the film without hurting people.Our explosion-proof film with high strength expansion tension, high degree of stretch, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, can also maintain good physical properties at high temperature.
After the film, even if the explosion, broken glass will not splash around, thus reducing the possibility of human injury.

Frosting process

Obscurity produces beauty, and frosted glass does just that.Neptum frosted glass adopts chemical etching technology, and frosted evenly with clear boundary.Ground glass looks from the surface, look not clear indoor circumstance, give a person a kind of blurred vision, very good ensured the privacy of the room, suitable for office partition and toilet and other places.

Coating process

Coating have various patterns.There are screen printing, inkjet and other processes.Each process has its own effects, as different artistic techniques to show different pictures.Our coating technology is mature, can do more styles, customized products are more personalized.